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JapanNight VII


When: September 27th, 2014
Where: Daiwa Securities, Tokyo, Japan


When: November, 2014
Where: San Francisco, CA, USA

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Application Deadline 7/31/2014

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About JapanNight.

Now in its fourth year and seventh season, Japan Night began in 2010 as a competition to showcase the most innovative startups from Japan. This year, six startups nominated from the semi-finals in Tokyo will present their ideas in English in the finals in San Francisco. The presentations will include a Q&A session; and the finalists will have the opportunity to showcase their work to a large audience which, in the past, has included venture capitalists and members of the media. For the Japanese finalists, this is a huge opportunity to take their dream abroad.

1. Two months before the event, we begin searching for our presenters.

From the applications we receive, 15 teams are selected. Each team works with btrax to prepare their English presentation.

2. Total of 15 teams will present at the semi-finals in Tokyo.

The six teams to give the best pitches in English will be given the privilege to present in the finals a month later in San Francisco.

3. The 6 finalists will pitch their products to the audience.

They also pitch a panel of judges. Only one can be declared as the winner.

History of JapanNight.

  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth
  • Fifth
  • Sixth
  • JapanNight I

    Date : Oct. 13, 2010
    Place : Mighty
    gengo / SPYSEE / Lang-8
    Coopa! / GazoPa / Drrop

    The first JapanNight was held in October 2010, and more than 500 people showed up for the event to be a part of the audience.

    Enduring a little jet-lag and some tech culture shock, six start-ups from Japan successfully completed their introduction to the SF Tech community

  • JapanNight II

    Date : June 28, 2011
    Pace : Mighty

    Reengo / ChatWork / Feel on!
    Cacoo / MOSO / Beautecam

    A year later, the second JapanNight was held in June 2011. More than half of the startup participants succeeded in raising funds from venture capitalists and investors in the audience. The 2011 JapanNight was also the first time the event was broadcasted live; more than 1500 people tuned in to watch the finals on UStream.

  • JapanNight III

    Dates : Oct. 8, 2011 (Semi-finals) / Nov. 3, 2011 (Finals)
    Places : Microsoft Japan (Semi-finals) / Mighty (Finals)

    Guest Speakers
    Matthew Romaine (Co-founder, Gengo Cofounder)
    Toshi Yamamoto (CEO, ChatWork)
    Taisuke Yokoi (CEO, LisB)
    Sadato Adachi (CEO,

    Facematch (Winner) / Grow! / MidoNet
    PIRIKA / SnapDish / Synclogue

    The third JapanNight was the first time the competition was split into two parts–the semi-final in Tokyo and the final in San Francisco. This time, the event received media attention not only from Japan and the U.S., but also from China.

  • JapanNight IV

    Dates : March, 2012 (Semi-finals) / April 25, 2012 (Finals)
    Places : Voyage group (Semi-finals) / Mighty (Finals)

    Guest Speakers
    Taizo Son (CEO, MOVIDA JAPAN) /
    Masahiko Honma (CEO, Incubate Fund)
    Shu Uesugi (Engineer/Designer)

    piaScore (Winner) / Coworkify / Monaca
    Beatrobo / Sleipnir / foodstoQ

    Some big names attended as guest speakers and judges for the fourth JapanNight. There was more than 200 people in the audience, and the event was covered by large publications like Nikkei in Japan and the Wall Street Journal in the U.S.

  • JapanNight V

    Dates : Feb. 9 (Semi-finals) / March. (Finals)
    Paces : Rafore Harajuku (Semi-finals) / yetiZen (Finals)

    Guest Speakers
    Kozo Hiramatsu (Former CEO, Livedoor Holdings) / Takeshi Honma (Executive Officer, Rakuten) / Shintaro Yamada (CEO, Mercari)

    ShareWis (Winner) / WHILL / UIscope
    designclue / grafic / comobaco

    The fifth JapanNight consisted not only of presentations by competitors in Japan and San Francisco, but also a product demo by the previous winner and a panel discussion with notable guests. Many finalists such as ‘WHILL’ succeeded in fundraising.

  • JapanNight VI

    Dates : Oct 5, 2013 (Semi-finals) / Nov. 7, 2013 (Finals)
    Places : Daiwa Conference Hall (Semi-finals) / Pivotal Labs (Finals)

    Guest Speakers
    Hannes Graah (Director, SpotifyJapan) / Osuke Honda (Partner, DCM) / Tak Shiohama (President, Uber Japan) / Shin Iwata (Head of Japan Office, Atomico)

    cooori (Winner) / Ring / CODEPREP
    FUKUSHIMA Wheel / FOURBEAT / Boku Sumaho

    The sixth JapanNight held in 2013 used Google Hangouts for the first time to broadcast live. An online voting system was also implemented to help engage the audience tuning in from the internet.


Past Presenters.

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  • JapanNight I
  • JapanNight III
  • JapanNight VI
  • JapanNight V
  • JapanNight IV
  • JapanNight II


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    You company will be exposed to an audience of over 500 both in the semi-finals and finals. Additionally, you will be promoted as a sponsor on our various media channels.

    Information Gathering

    In this unique start-up competition, information about new technology and information about North American Markets can be efficiently acquired just by attending.

    Community Support

    The only thing better than witnessing entrepreneurs and technology that challenge the world is supporting them. Revitalize your company’s PR by showing your public support for Japan Night.


  • “As a sponsor of the event, we felt very happy to lend a hand to start-ups who challenge themselves to globally expand their business. As an investment capital company, we will continue to aid Japanese companies that wish to expand their business across borders. “

    Shinji Asada via ITV
  • “Originally a participant of Japan Night, we have continued being involved with this event by becoming a sponsor. By working with btrax, we have been able to reach a large amount of users with a very good conversion rate. We are excited to support and witness all the start-ups take on the challenge of Japan Night 7.”

    Toshi Yamamoto via ChatWork
  • “By participating in Japan Night, my ability to expand my business abroad increased exponentially. I am grateful for being able to meet venture capital companies in Silicon Valley and also grateful that I could network with many entrepreneurs in the Bay Area. Additionally, with the exposure to Japan-America media channels we saw an increase in traffic following the event: 100,000 new downloads in just 3 days. “

    Takehiro Aida via Pitapat

About btrax.

JapanNight is organized by a cross-cultural marketing agency btrax.

btrax, Inc.
Headquarters:San Francisco, CA
Japan Office : Roppongi, Tokyo
CEO:Brandon K. Hill
freshtrax :
Phone : 415-344-0907 (SF) / 03-6683-0853 (Tokyo)