JapanNight began in 2010 as a demo competition organized by btrax and like-minded partners to support Japanese entrepreneurs and create a robust startup ecosystem. Now in its eighth edition, JapanNight has become the premiere showcase for Japanese hardware and software innovations with global potential. Picked from hundreds of entries, 12 startups battle to be among the 5 finalists in San Francisco for exposure to venture capitalists, media and funding opportunities to go big beyond Japan.

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Sponsors Benefits

Promote Your Brand

Get in front of 650+ leaders, first adopters and influencers. Build your brand awareness further through online channels with over 500k impressions and coverage by Japanese and US media.

Gathering Information

As the top demo competition in Japan, many startups chose to launch here. Sponsors can get first access to disruptive technologies and trends in the rapidly growing Japanese market.


Held in English, our event attracts top-tier business and cross-border talent. Connect with useful business partners, identify potential M&A targets or strategically recruit.

Community Support

Support the best-in-class next generation of entrepreneurs who are inventing the future and going global. Boost your karma and community goodwill among potential partners and clients.

Special Interview


We’ve known about JapanNight for a few years. We’ve always been intrigued by the idea and wanted to participate, but we never really had the chance. Last year, we were invited to become a sponsor for JapanNight VII, so in order to show our support, we decided to sponsor the event. Today, there are many events hosted by large companies to support young entrepreneurs, but those startups usually already have a relationship with the company through funding, so we felt that the event was held only to provide a place to advertise the particular startup. On the other hand, JapanNight is an event where btrax publicly recruits startups to participate, so the event is more of an open opportunity where entrepreneurs can seriously test their abilities. We really find meaning in supporting an event like JapanNight.

Also, JapanNight is an event where the startups have to pitch in English, and the final rounds are held in San Francisco. By hosting the finals in San Francisco and not Japan, participating startups have the opportunity to obtain feedback from both American and Japanese audiences. We believe that having a global perspective is very important in service development.